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Tacho2Safe tachograph and driver card reader

Device for downloading data Tacho2Safe. Professional card reader, analysing and archiving data.


Unfailing and long-lasting device  for downloading data from digital tachographs with built driver’s card reader. A device, that with his small dimentions and simple operation, gained appreciation of transport companies owners and tachograph services in Poland and whole Europe.

Functional software TachoSafe Lite that is added to the kit by a producer, has gain new clients throught it’s largest functioality of all tachograph readers and driver’s cards that you can find on the market. 

Tacho2Safe it is powered by universal battery (AA), that is added to the kit.  You can also use rechargeable batteries Ni-MH of big capasity f.ex. 2600 mAh.  Tacho2Safe gives us possibility of recharging  batteries through the USB.
Tacho2Safe also will remind you that downloading data from driver’s card is needed. All readers has key’s update, that will make your downloadning data faster and give you less problem during everyday use. Configured device downloads data automaticly – you just need insert driver’s card or connect it to the tachograph.

TachoSafeLite (ENG) software for Tacho2Safe key:



A software that is added to the kit, will give you a number of raports and possiblity of reviewing data from driver’s cards by readable chart. There is no limitation of numer of vehicles and drivers. We can plan dates of downloads and we check range of downloaded data and copy of all files. TachoSafe Lite gives you also a possibilty of key’s configuration that will make your Tacho2Safe work better.

          Main features of Tacho2Safe:


Digital tachograph reader 1381, VDO, ACTIA and other has  
12 months of warranty
from date of purchase (based on serial numer)​.

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